A fun win-win way to give back

Please meet Otis (4) and Nora (6)!  They are two very cool kids who decided to help KidZone out by creating their own little “pop up Store.” They used the profits of their sales  to purchase toys from the KidZone Museum Store.  They knew that all the proceeds from the KidZone store goes directly to support KidZone! So it was a win- win!  Otis and Nora got some fun new toys to play with and KidZone will use the money to support its outreach programs and exhibits.

To make your own “pop up” store you can follow Otis and Nora’s lead. They made all the items in the shop—beaded necklaces and keychains, pot holders, Valentine’s Day cards, and bookmarks—then set up the shop in front of their garage in Tahoe City for their neighbors to come shop at (from a safe distance). They also sold items to grandparents and uncles who live far away via FaceTime. Their goal was to make enough enough money to buy themselves a toy from the KidZone shop, and they let everyone who was shopping know that proceeds from the shop would go to benefit the local kids’ museum, which has been closed due to the pandemic.  There are so many fun ways to give back to the community. This is just one idea. What other ways could you help out?