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The KidZone Museum in Truckee, California, warmly welcomes children and families of all abilities. Our primary focus is to ensure a fun and safe environment for everyone. In line with this commitment, we offer special events and hours tailored to accommodate families with children who may benefit from a less-crowded museum due to over-stimulation sensitivities, mobility challenges, or other reasons. During these events, the museum is open exclusively to children with disabilities and their families.

We take accessibility seriously, and our facilities reflect that dedication:

  • Wheelchair access is available throughout the museum, including the restrooms.
  • Convenient permit parking for people with disabilities is located in front of the museum.
  • We welcome service animals but kindly request that emotional support and comfort animals remain at home.

Special Night at the Museum

We’re thrilled to announce the return of our “Special Night at the Museum” series! These unique events allow qualifying families to enjoy the museum during extended hours, providing a quieter and more relaxing experience. The free event includes a healthy dinner for the entire family, a take-home sensory activity, the distribution of bilingual books, the sharing of resources, and much more. Children can explore and connect at the KidZone Museum at their own pace, while caregivers have the opportunity to mingle with families who may share similar experiences. We ensure that train sounds and music are turned off during these events to further enhance the sensory-friendly environment.

At the KidZone Museum, we continually strive to make our exhibits, programs, and public areas as inclusive and accessible as possible. To cater to families who benefit from a quieter and less crowded museum experience, we open our doors at 8 a.m. on Saturdays each week, one hour before our regular opening time. We also invite these families to join us for various KidZone Museum events one hour before general admission, allowing them to enjoy the same benefits.


In collaboration with our community partners, we host group visits for children and families from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, as well as those with disabilities or facing other life challenges.

Our belief is that all children should have access to learning through play, imagination, discovery, and art, regardless of age, ability, gender, socioeconomic status, or life situation. To support this belief, we offer scholarships to qualifying families, providing a one-year museum membership for up to 6 people at a discounted or free rate. For more information about our scholarship program, please reach out to

Comments and feedback

We want your entire museum visit to be comfortable, convenient, educational, and most importantly, fun! If you require other reasonable accommodations, we encourage you to let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to assist you. Additionally, we value your feedback, so feel free to email us at with any questions or suggestions.

We’re committed to fostering an environment where every child and family can have a delightful and enriching experience at the KidZone Museum. Thank you for being a part of our inclusive community!

Please view our Accessibility Policy page for information about accessibility on our website.