Cambio means change.

KidZone Museum was selected to be part of Cambio’s Cohort 3, a yearlong professional development program facilitated by the Exploratorium and CCLI and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Working through a Strategic Initiative of our own design, Cambio will help us begin to shift internal practices to better create STEAM experiences that are culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining to our local Hispanic communities.

We are joined by four other museums in a cohort learning experience and join the Cambio Alumni Network at the end of the year. We’ll reconvene for a summit in 2025 to help reflect learnings for the museum field.

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Our Strategic Initiative

  • Develop our organizational ‘STEAM identity’ by understanding STEAM skills and how our exhibits and programs support their development.
  • Leverage partnerships to connect with Hispanic community members and understand their STEAM knowledge and perspectives.
  • Use what we learn to more effectively communicate the relevance of STEAM skills and their practical applications.
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About Cambio

Museums pursuing ambitious goals through incremental change. 

Cambio is a National Science Foundation-funded professional development project for informal learning institutions—zoos, children’s museums, science centers, and other similar organizations—across the United States.

In practice, Cambio offers a yearlong professional development program, along with resources and tools for museum professionals. We help museums shift internal practices to better create STEM experiences that are culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining to Latinx audiences.

Cambio’s vision centers on encouraging organizations to shift their practices at all levels by examining the cultural dimensions and intersections of Latinx communities, STEM, and organizational change.

The Cambio experience focuses on incremental change in organizational practice, building on strengths, and improving what they do well, with a goal of long-term transformational change that includes questioning assumptions, examining systems, and changing structures toward more equitable institution-wide change.

To learn more about our participation in Cambio, email Carol at