Looking to the future: Time for us to grow

A new KidZone Museum facility will meet the demand of our growing audience and replace our current tent structure, which will reach the end of its life by 2023. The current structure has weathered through powerful winter storms in recent years, so the need for a new building has become imminent.

Our economic study says the building will be bustling with 50,000 annual visits, and it must be 12,000 square feet. To support this facility, this larger audience will be dining in the café, participating in science and art programs, and exploring interactive exhibits. All these activities will add to our operating income. To ensure the Museum remains strong well into the future, an endowment fund will be established. Most importantly, this new facility will allow us to welcome 4,000-5,000 visits from families who live in poverty in our region. This will double our current outreach services.

If you would like to help or want information, contact Executive Director Carol Meagher or Planning Committee Chair Kim Yamauchi.

Why it’s time for a new building

After many seasons, we have weathered through powerful winter storms and wondered if the duct tape will hold the tent together. We have watched young children cry as we tell their families they cannot come in because the Museum is atcapacity. The KidZone Museum is at-capacity 25 days per year.

KidZone Museum at capacity

The Museum is at-capacity at least 25 days each year

Damaged KidZone Museum

The damaged Museum in 2017.