The Future

It’s time for us to grow

The Museum Planning Committee is working diligently to prepare for a capital campaign. All too frequently, Museum families are greeted with “at capacity” or “no parking” signs upon arrival. Since the building failure in the winter of 2017, we know the need for a new facility has to happen by 2023. These are the steps we must take to get there:

  1. Complete an economic feasibility study – done
  2. Complete a donor feasibility study – done
  3. Complete a comprehensive business plan with building drawings and costs – in progress (Nov. 2018)
  4. Secure land – in progress (Jan. 2019)
  5. Secure initial funding to hire a campaign consultant – in progress (Feb 2019)
  6. New building – 2023

The economic study agrees we need a larger space and the Museum will be prosperous. Our top 30 donors will give up to 3 million for a children’s museum with science center that serves children through their teenage years. Local municipalities are working together on a land use study to see if public lands are suitable for the Museum and other community projects. We have raised funds to start our business plan and are seeking support to hire a consultant. If you would like to help or want information, contact Executive Director Carol Meagher or Planning Committee Chair Kim Yamauchi.