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The KidZone Museum is a children's museum in Truckee, California serving 22,000+ visits annually. Our mission is to inspire learning through creative play and discovery.

Steve Jobs said, "The elements of discovery are all around you...... through exploration and learning one could understand seemingly very complex things in one's environment. My childhood was very fortunate in that way."


KidZone Museum recieved the 2011 MetLife and Association of Children's Museum Promising Practice Award for our KidsReach program.



Wondering About the Weather?

Very rarely, the Museum must close due to extreme weather. If it's a stormy day and you are wondering if we are open, call ahead! Dial 530.587.KIDS (5437) and listen to the menu for holiday and inclement weather closings.

Green Zone Keepping Kids Healthy

Here at the Museum we are committed to creating a Green-Zone for you and your children. The philosophy of Green-Zone complements our whole child philosophy of health and well being. By using tried and true non-toxic EPA recommended cleaning products, we are creating a clean space to play, with good air quality, not compromising your child's immune, nervous or endocrine system - as some cleaners are proven to do. We will also be protecting the environment from any further harm, ensuring a healthier world for your child and grandchildren. We clean and sanitize daily and hang a board at the Museum with the last time each area was cleaned.

You can help us by NOT bringing your sick child to the Museum. If your child has a green filled runny nose, and preshool says he can't stay, that means it's best to play at home. Even if you think your child is "not really sick," we do serve some children who are immunocompromised and catching a sickness from another child is a hardship for them.

Learn More how you can begin Green Cleaning at home.


Our History

In 1992, thanks to the work of a grassroots coalition of parents, agencies and educators, the non-profit Sierra Nevada Children's Museum (dba KidZone Museum) opened its doors in Truckee, California. When we opened, families were yearning for an engaging learning place to take their children to play and to meet up and connect with other families during cold winter months. Museum visitation was 5,000 families of all socio-economic backgrounds with children up to age 7. This audience has grown to 22,000, and mostly lives within the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District, which has 11 schools in a rural geographic area of 720 square miles. One of our main audiences since we started our KidsReach outreach program in 2009, are Latino families with young children (5,000). In the past 10 years, we have also become a tourist destination that now sees 3,900 of our 22,000 visitors coming from the greater Bay Area and other destinations.

We fulfill our mission to inspire learning though creative play and discovery, through early learning programs and interactive exhibits what focus on healthy development of children and offer families the tools necessary to share learning opportunities together, while securing healthy and loving connections. These connections encourage the emotional, physical and intellectual foundation for every child to enter school ready to learn and develop their potential to become productive, well-adjusted members of society. We conduct our early learning programs in the Museum in our 3,000 square foot structure all year long.

The Museum strives to demonstrate extraordinary and innovative approaches to public service by reaching children and families in our region through our expanded community partnerships with over 40 organizations, a staff that can welcome families who speak Spanish and English, and a free bus service to reach families living in poverty. Together, we champion learning through play experiences while reducing isolation, increasing access to learning programs for low income families and creating a positive impact on the lives of children and families in our community.

What We Do

Children increasingly have less opportunity to think deeply and innovate creatively. Experiences that cultivate these skills are frequently absent or limited in early education, at the age when these skills are most critical. The KidZone Museum seeks to help provide these experiences through playful, open-ended exhibits and programs, which promote intentional learning, curiosity and problem solving. Through these experiences, the foundation for lifelong curiosity and development of the whole child is cultivated.

Dreams for the Future

Our vision is to broaden our reach and extend our programs to more children and their families in our region. We envision a new 15,000 square-foot facility with the following program expansions:

Playing: A rich array of permanent and regularly changing exhibits, for early learners and school-age children, that invite children to lead with their imaginations, to explore without limitation and to learn through hands-on discovery.

Learning: A large environment with an outdoor area where children can experience and learn about nature. An environment that inspires children to learn - with family-centered, child-driven programs and expanded partnerships with schools, educators, local non-profit groups and other museums.

Connecting: A larger center that encourages public engagement and sustains dynamic community partnerships. This center will enable the KidZone Museum to eliminate barriers to learning and to create a community that embraces children and their families. The center will expand our services to youth and include space for us to host our array of music and family theatre events.

Sustaining: A museum educational store and café would greatly increase our operating income enabling us to remain a steadfast community benefit. A new facility will give us the visibility to attract new benefactors, partners and donors - securing our future in the community.

Read the economic feasibility study for a new Truckee facility

“Dreams For the Future” – They can come true with your help and support.