What does it mean to be a Table Captain?

Table Captains are essentially ambassadors for the KidZone’s virtual fundraising event! Table captains are asked to invite guests to attend the event on Nov. 3.  You can bring your friends, family, and co-workers together in support of our local children’s museum. It’s a fun, easy, and simple way to support KidZone.

How do I sign up as a Table Captain?

It’s easy! Register to volunteer as a table captain for the 2022 fundraiser by submitting the following form, which will be sent to our Table Captain Coordinators.

Once you are registered as a Table Captain with KidZone, you’ll receive a confirmation email with instructions and materials to start inviting your guests and recruiting your network of friends to attend the fundraiser.

You will be provided with the support and materials to invite your guests, remind them, remind them again, and thank them after the event.

Only interested in attending as a guest? Register now.

Table captain interest form