2018 Year-End Giving

If you have visited the KidZone Museum recently, you may have been met by a disappointing sight –  “Sorry, We Are At Capacity” – on the door. So many children love to play, discover, and connect with us, our visitation has increased by 229% in 10 years, and we have outgrown our current space.

In 2017, storm damage to our tent structure served as a poignant reminder that the Museum’s current facility was never intended to be permanent. Although our care and maintenance has allowed us to use the structure for longer than intended, the manufacturer has told us that it will truly reach the end of its lifespan in less than five years.

We need a new space by 2023!
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KidZone Museum Benefactors

“The best way to solve our society’s ‘science education problem’ is to awaken our children’s natural curiosity about the world. I believe the KidZone Museum has been a great help to parents looking for ways in which to encourage their children’s interest in the way things work. Believing our future lies in the hands of these children, Teichert Foundation has been pleased to sponsor KidZone programs for the past several years to help make that future a better one for themselves – and for the rest of us!”

— Fred Teichert, Executive Director

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