Time to Grow

Time to Grow 2018-05-07T23:20:31+00:00

The Future

It’s time for us to grow

  1. Space for play and discovery
    Our visitation has grown 229% in 10 years. Last year we had 23,000 visitors walk through our doors. We have no room to welcome more. Exhibits cover our walls, our spaces are filled with learning experiences, and we need room to grow and broaden our audience.
  2. Community Connections
    We aim to serve 50% of families who live in poverty in our region. We want to reach 100% and will do so with a larger space and increased resources. We reach 1,863 Tahoe/Truckee children under 6. Families with children in elementary, middle and high school are requesting we do more. 500 families are members of the museum.
  3. Sustainability for the museum
    In the past 23 years, we successfully completed two small capital campaigns that helped increase our income by 250%. Children’s museums around the country develop larger facilities mainly to increase their sustainability efforts. This expansion will help our bottom line by seeing an increase in: Admission fees, program fees, café and store income, social and donor capital, birthday party and other rental income, and an endowment, to be formed in conjunction with the campaign.
  4. Good for the community
    Researchers around the world concur that social belonging is a fundamental human need. The Museum supports the health and well-being of our children and families.The Museum’s feasibility study states the broad impact the Museum has on our community and region as a whole. Societal impacts occur when the Museum and its programs make changes that impact the entire community. The Museum provides support services that connect communities in Tahoe/Truckee region through its programming. In particular, it supports low-income families and teens with scholarship and volunteering opportunities.Personal impacts result in a sense of belonging, changed attitudes to science, and expanded career and development opportunities. Examples include greater science exposure for girls and opportunities to make new friends and connect people in the community.

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